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Klondike Gold Rush History Podcast

This podcast aims to bring the epic stories of the Klondike Gold Rush to you in a narrative podcast over about 25 episodes. That's about as much time as it takes to travel the Trail of 1898 from Dyea to Dawson, in your podcast equipped car not by mule, boat or dogsled of course!


The episodes are a labour of love by two Yukoners with a passion for local history. Pascale Halliday and Keith Halliday do most of the narrating, with guest appearances by other Yukoners.

The intro music is Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag from 1899, performed by a very talented young pianist from the Yukon named Jamie Phillips-Freedman.

Pascale Halliday

Pascale is a fifth-generation Yukoner whose ancestors stampeded to the Yukon in 1898. They didn't find gold, but made a tidy bundle founding the Taylor & Drury chain of trading posts around the Yukon.

She is a history student in the winter, and one of the chattiest tour guides in the Yukon during the summer.

Pascale Miles Canyon.png
Keith on Chilkoot.png

Keith Halliday

In addition to being Pascale's dad, Keith Halliday is a Whitehorse-based management consultant and author.


He is the author of Aurore of the Yukon and the MacBride Museum Yukon Kids Series of historical youth adventure novels, which were inspired by tales he heard around woodstove from his pioneering grandparents.

His latest book, The Tar Sands Diplomat, is based on events that didn't happen during his time as a Canadian diplomat in Brussels. 


He studied at the London School of Economics, University of Victoria and F.H. Collins in the Yukon.


He and his wife Stacy have four children and live in Whitehorse.

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