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  • Keith Halliday

Episode 22 - The Rush Out

Just like no one can agree on exactly how the Klondike Gold Rush started, how and when the stampede ended is also the topic of fierce dispute. We wrap up the podcast with a look at this debate, clean up a few errors we made along the way, and let you know what happened to our favourite -- and not so favourite -- characters after they left the Yukon.

We hope you have enjoyed the podcast as much as we did making it. It was wonderful to reconnect with some of the old stories and discover some new ones to share.

The last episode has a few audio issues as we had to record it in different locations during the pandemic. Apologies for some glitches you may hear.

We may drop some future bonus episodes, but for now we're wrapping the show.

Thank you for listening! And for listeners who don't already live in the Yukon or Alaska, make sure you put the Chilkoot Trail, Yukon River and Dawson City on your bucket lists!

Sources and exhibits mentioned in the episode:

Photo in the public domain, Mining in a shaft, 1898, Curtis Asahel, University Library Washington.


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