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  • Keith Halliday

Episode 10 - The Other Routes to the Klondike

With our stampeder Tappan Adney safely at Lindeman building his boat for the final push to the Klondike, we'll take a break from his journey for a couple of episodes. Today, we'll look at the other routes to the Klondike. Other than the so-called Rich Man's Route by steamer up the Yukon River, most of them make the Chilkoot Trail look like a short stroll in the park.

The Eliza Anderson was one of the so-called Floating Coffins of Alaska, managing to make even the 'Rich Man's Route' a harrowing experience. The Chilkoot Trail must have looked good in comparison to riding out a wild Aleutian Islands storm in a 40-year old vessel that had already sunk once.

Sources, maps & reading

  • National Parks Service map showing the other routes in colour

  • Photos and info on other routes, including images of the dreaded Valdez Glacier

  • Michael Gates' article in the Yukon News on the Teslin trail

  • Page (linked at bottom of page) from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showing all the ads for steamship trips to Alaska. Buyer beware, especially if you're buying Eliza Anderson tickets.

  • The Klondike Stampede by Tappan Adney

  • Klondike by Pierre Berton, a classic popular history book that reinvigorated interest in the gold rush in the mid-20th century and full of riveting episodes

  • Dalton's Gold Rush Trail, a fascinating look at Jack Dalton's life by Yukon author Michael Gates

Photos above in the public domain from Wikipedia Commons.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer page linked below

Seattle PI April 30 1898 Alaska steamer
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