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  • Keith Halliday

Episode 13 - Skagway to Dawson in a leaky boat

You've made it over the Chilkoot and built your home-made boat. Now winter is coming and it's a race against time to get to Dawson before the Yukon River freezes up. All that stands in your way is around 500 miles of wilderness, lake storms, Miles Canyon and a few sets of rapids.

Photo: Stampeders and their boat on the upper Yukon. Note the long sweep for steering and the home-made sail. This boat shows at least half a dozen men on board, making it larger than many that set out from Bennett.

Map: A little map we made showing the major points mentioned in Episode 13.

Sources, maps & reading

  • Map of the route from Parks Canada (this one dates from after the railway to Whitehorse was completed, so doesn't show Lake Bennett and Marsh Lake where Adney had so many close calls).

  • Yukon Conservation Society tours of Miles Canyon - a must-do activity when you visit Whitehorse.

  • A CKRW Yukon Nugget on Sam Steele by broadcasting legend Les McLaughlin, including his decisions to require pilots to prevent more drownings at Miles Canyon. Courtesy of the Hougen family.

Photo above in the public domain from Wikipedia Commons.


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