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  • Keith Halliday

Episode 2 - Prelude to Discovery

The early days. The Chilkats kick the Hudson's Bay Company out of the Yukon, but prospectors begin to filter in looking for gold. The frontier mining town of Forty Mile gets going, and miners won't give up looking for the fabled motherlode.

Follow the trail of Hudson's Bay Company fur trader Robert Campbell into that big blank space on the map we now call the Yukon, and then back out again after Chief Kokhlux makes a surprise visit to Fort Selkirk. It turns out to be gold not furs that lures the next generation of adventurers over the mountains into the Yukon. They find plenty of prospects, and even good money at Forty Mile, but the motherlode remains elusive. For now.

Photo courtesy of the collection of W.D. Taylor, grandfather and great-grandfather of the narrators.

Sources & reading (some are out of print)



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