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  • Keith Halliday

Episode 3 - Discovery Day

The day Rabbit Creek became Bonanza Creek, and mayhem ensued. Wait till word reaches Outside...

Yukon prospectors have got into a rhythm, with a thriving community at Forty Mile and growing numbers searching for gold all over the Klondike region. Follow the determined and remarkably unlucky prospecting adventures of Robert Henderson as he inches closer and closer to the big find, and his fateful encounter with George Carmack, Shaaw Tlaa, Keish and Kaa Goox on the bank of the Klondike River.

Listen to find out how the Yukon's "most casual prospector" ends up with Discovery claim on Bonanza Creek... and how Robert Henderson missed the chance of a lifetime.

Photo courtesy of the collection of W.D. Taylor, grandfather and great-grandfather of the narrators.

Sources & reading (some are out of print)



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