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  • Keith Halliday

Episode 4 - The Rush Before the Rush

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Someone finally finds the 'Big One' and sparks a stampede out of Forty Mile to Bonanza Creek. The wildest gold rush in history is on, even if no one Outside knows it yet!

Gold-obsessed prospector Robert Henderson runs into George Carmack, Keish, Kaa Goox and Shaaw Tlaa on the banks of the Klondike River and tells them about his promising diggings on Gold Bottom Creek. The foursome will hike to Henderson's claim, but on the way back Keish goes ahead moose hunting and finds something altogether more interesting.

Listen to find out how the skeptical miners at Forty Mile react a few days later when Carmack and Kaa Goox dump a sample of their gold out on a saloon table... and kick off the biggest gold rush of all time.

Photo courtesy of the collection of W.D. Taylor, grandfather and great-grandfather of the narrators.

Sources & reading (some are out of print)

  • The Klondike Stampede by Tappan Adney

  • Prelude to Bonanza by Allen Wright

  • Early Days on the Yukon by William Ogilvie​



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